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    Find a gift for every celebration that matters the most


Find a gift for every celebration that matters the most

"When the gifts arrived everyone wanted a box! The boxes were beautiful and it was really evident that Ava took her time making sure the hampers were perfect for gifting. We have used Kalipay Gift Designs multiple times in the past year and have had no issues with her services"

Xceed Real Estate

"Oh my god, this was a wonderful experience from start to finish. I mean just look at this, Ava worked closely and patiently with me so we got it exactly the right. I pulled apart her stall at the expo!! But it has been on so worth it. Thank you so very much "


"I received a gift box and absolutely loved all the well thought gifts that were included in the box. Ava is truly a natural generous giver and has a beautiful eye for creating beautiful packages. Thank you!"


"Thank you for the most beautiful gift I have ever received. I felt so special receiving this stylish box full of top quality products! I am so happy that I have discovered the perfect gift to make my girlfriends feel special on their birthdays! Thank you lovely lady!"


"I've got my gift delivered a couple days ago to Melbourne and I was completely satisfied with what they did! You can easily see a touch of passion in every single edge all around the gift box!"


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