Ohh Hello! Thank you for taking the time to check us out or mostly my gift designs!! I'm so happy that you are here.


You might be wondering what our brand name stands for, Kalipay means "joy" in my Filipino dialect, I have taken a bit of myself that inspired me to start a life here in Australia. I was born and raised in the Philippines, so most of my life I was lucky enough to experience a tropical and grounding childhood, with coconut trees and warm weather for extra bliss!!!

I moved to Perth in 2010 by myself, (from a very small town or some might call it a village as I grow up with blackouts almost every day, no bed, and constant typhoons,  but I can tell you it was the best moments of my life! Getting nostalgic and all... (tissues please) Hehehe  Anyway going back- I came to pursue my nursing career, and I'm a bit proud of what I have accomplished since, and call Australia home. I love Perth so much, the weather, the beaches, the vast nature to be explored, and the sunsets, I'm a sucker for some!!

Back in January 2020, I just had to pursue something that totally out of my comfort zone, well after sleepless nights and constant conversations with husband, a gift curating business was born in May of the same year!! Ohh boy learning the in and out's of being a small business owner has been the most challenging thing I've ever done, with my nursing job on top of everything, but my passion for creating and crafting make me so happy and inspired me to wake up everyday! I love how my mind get so creative, most often than that the ideas and creations I come up with out of the blue still surprises me! Let's just say my mind is always on the go with sooooo many ideas!! I LOVE IT!!

I grew up seeing my Mum being so giving to random people that came to our house to ask for some assistance or no occasion at all giving something to my friends as well, indeed I value that most of my life. From that clear picture of kindness and generosity, I passionately believe in JOY that comes with giving, and that simply inspired me to start this business.


A GIFT GIVING like no other, my passion in combining art & design both inside and out, while showcasing beautiful local and Australian products is what this brand is all about!! We love to give gifts ourselves, making someone we love to feel SPECIAL and happy, at the same time gain happiness from it too!


To put it simply, people get busy with little time to shop instead of mindfully handpicking items, most of the time ended up frustrated not finding anything, to add up rushing around to grab cards, ribbons and bags for it, I get you, It's total minefield!

So let me take all that stress away, coz for me it isn't. I love to let my creativity flows freely, I get to explore what I am capable of creating! What I want you to do is just select your gift from my gift designs or collection, purchase with confidence and I'll handle the rest with TLC, trust me on that!

Happy gifting and thank you for being so giving YOU BEAUTIFUL SOUL!!

Much love,