About Us

Mini Self Care Kits


 Ohh Hello! :)

Thank you for visiting our page. I am so happy that you are here.

You might be wondering what our brand name stands for; Kalipay means "joy" in my Filipino dialect. I have taken a bit of where I came from that influenced me to start a life here in Australia.

​I grew up in the Philippines and watched my Mum giving random people who came to our house for some assistance or no occasion at all, ever so kind to my friends. From that clear picture of kindness and generosity, I passionately believe in the JOY that comes with giving, which utterly inspired me to start this business.

To put it simply, people get busy with little time to shop instead of mindfully handpicking items, most of the time ended up frustrated not finding anything, to add up rushing around to grab cards, ribbons & bags for it. I get you, and it's a total minefield! But let me take that stress from you as I passionately curate a gift that you have personally & heartfully chosen for your special someone.

​​Thank you for being so giving you beautiful souls!

Happy gifting!

​Much love,