Keepsake box

Most gifts come in a box that is only used to hold them until they are opened. Even though these disposable boxes can be fancy, they are still just short-term containers and are thrown away quickly. This makes it so that once the gift inside is used up, there is no trace that anything ever happened.

Keepsake boxes eliminate this problem. Ours are made of wood, so they can be reused for years by their recipients. Even better, we offer a personalized keepsake box option so that you can give your gift even more meaning.

Each of our keepsake boxes is filled with something special for those who get them. We have boxes with wine, liquor, coffee, natural soaps, and more. Several of our boxes include multiple items centered on a specific theme. For example, our Coffee Lover Box includes a mug, coffee plunger, scoop, and chocolate bar along with the coffee and the box.

It's easy to make one of our gift boxes into a personalized keepsake box. For all of our wooden boxes, you just need to fill in a blank on the item page to get a name or message printed on them. You get up to 30 characters of personalization, which is enough for names or short messages. This customization option appears for all items that are eligible for it.

Many gift recipients find that these boxes are perfect for keeping the elements of a gift set together until the contents are used up. Once that is done, they will find that the boxes are big enough to store a surprising amount of things that are important to them. The unique look of the box will make the recipient feel special every time he or she opens it.