Settlement gifts

When you buy or sell a house, the day of settlement is a huge event. For the buyer, it means getting a new home to start a new chapter in life. For sellers, settlement day is the day a large amount of money will hit their bank accounts. On either side, it is a day worth celebrating. Real estate agents who help feed these feelings will be remembered along with the overall sense of joy, so it's good business sense to do just that.

One of the easiest ways for real estate agents, settlement agents, and related people to add to the excitement is to give settlement real estate gifts. These should be upscale enough to fit the event, and even better, they should be personalized. A great way to personalize it is to have the date of the sale and the event engraved onto it or the box it comes in.

It's easy to get your gift personalized when you choose our keepsake boxes. Each box contains one or more items based on a theme. However, the box itself is what is meant to be kept for years. These boxes are made of wood and are durable enough to serve as containers for personal keepsakes for years to come. Their natural look fits every decor, so recipients are likely to actually keep them.

While we have many gift box themes, our settlement real estate gifts are especially appropriate for new homeowners. They contain a variety of foods and associated items that are perfect for that first day in the new location. Get your gift engraved by adding your information before ordering.