Wedding & bridal gifts

It can be hard to decide what to use as wedding bridal gifts. Many brides set up lists that include highly expensive items, but unless you're both wealthy and a close friend of the bride, you're unlikely to want to choose something from that selection. Instead, you need a gift that is special enough to fit what is meant to be a once-in-a-lifetime event, but not so costly that you need to take out a loan to get it. This is where our wedding bridal gifts come in.

Each of our wooden keepsake boxes contains either a bottle of liquor or a collection of items chosen to fit a theme. We've already set up the collections, so all you need to do is click which one you want. Even better, our keepsake boxes can be personalized on their lid. Adding the names of the bride and groom to be, the date of the wedding, or a message of well-wishes will make it so that your gift is specific to the event. Up to 30 characters will fit. You also get a customizable event-specific card, which is able to contain a handwritten message.

Once the contents of the box have been used, the recipient is left with a beautiful, durable container that can be used for other things. Many choose to use them to hold photo keepsakes and other important mementos from their life events. The boxes look good enough to put them on display, but they're also small enough to hide away if the recipient would rather not have people looking through their photo keepsakes without their permission.

These boxes are perfect for many occasions when you need to present a gift that is classy, yet is still reasonably affordable. Think of us when you find out about weddings, graduations, or housewarming gatherings.